5 Reasons Why You Should Install Solar Panels for Home Use

You have read it in the papers, seen it on televisions, encountered it online, and you exactly know what solar energy is. But if you are still doubtful about the efficiency of the solar power you should definitely need to read the following reasons why you should install solar panels for home use. Kentucky residential solar

#1 Save Money

With the price of electricity bills constantly increasing, many people are looking for cheaper alternatives. Solar power is the most practical form of renewable energy you can get these days. In fact, sunlight is among the few free things we get in life. You can use it to power your home at literally no cost. Once panels are installed, you can start saving on your electricity bill immediately. Basically, all you have to do is set them on and you’ll enjoy free electricity for at least 25 to 30 years!

#2 Increase Your Home Value

The value of your house will dramatically increase if you have solar panels installed. According to a study, a home’s value is increased by $20 for every $1 reduction in annual energy savings. So for example, if you will save $1,000 in your annual energy, your home value will also increase by $20,000. A home with solar panels will also sell twice as fast as non-solar homes at a higher price.

#3 Earn Money from Excess Energy

If the panels generate great amount of energy more than you can ever consume, you can sell the excess energy to certain companies. You can feed the excess electricity back to the power grid in a policy called “net metering.” So instead of storing them into a battery storage system, the utility company will credit you for volts of unused power at which you are paid either monthly or annually. Most states in the US have net metering bills that require utility companies to buy back excess energy at the same rate you buy power from them. Call your utility company before going any further.

#4 Support a Clean and Green Environment

Global warming is now fast becoming a dreadful peril to human beings. Installing solar panels for home is a great way to participate in saving our Mother Nature. Since these panels continue to produce energy from a natural source, there is no chance of emitting any harmful toxins or mono carbon from this technology. When the environment is clean, your health will be fully protected.

#5 Enjoy Government Tax Credits

To promote the use of solar panels for home, the government offers tax benefits of 30 percent as a local incentive for panel installation. For instance, you spent $10,000 on a new panel array and took advantage of the tax credit you can reduce your federal taxes owed by $3,000. You can also choose to take the tax credit off the full amount for your panel installation.

Even if you’re living in a major metropolis major power failure can still occur. As long as the sun is up and shining, the solar panels will continue to produce electricity. With that in mind, installing solar panels for home use is like your insurance against future rising energy costs and other uncertainties.