Should Traditional Upholsterers Use Tacks Or Staples When Re-Upholstering Antique Furniture?

The query of whether or not conventional upholsterers ought to use tacks or staples when re-upholstering vintage furnishings is incessantly and, usually, fiercely debated. So what are the 2 sides of this argument?

Those that are solidly within the Tack Camp argue that every one re-upholstery ought to be genuine and true to the historical past of the piece of furnishings. They argue that staples are a contemporary invention and shouldn’t be used on previous items of furnishings, as to take action leads to an sad mix of various eras. Some even preserve that utilizing staples will wreck the furnishings. To them staples are seen at finest as unthinkable, at worst as nearly sacrilegious.  garden woodworking plans

These upholsterers who’re within the Staple Camp preserve that one of many foremost causes for utilizing staples is to guard the wood frames of the furnishings, as staples trigger a lot much less injury to the frames. No doubt tacks create a a lot bigger gap within the wooden than do staples. Staples make two little holes. The professional staplers additionally preserve that placing in a staple is one hit to the furnishings and the staple is dwelling, the place a tack require a number of hammer hits to knock it dwelling. For fragile items of furnishings the much less hitting the higher. It is usually claimed that as a result of the staple gun is positioned in place earlier than the staple is fired, there isn’t a injury to the present wooden.

I feel that each side of this argument have benefit and that the perfect scenario is a cheerful mixing of each tacks and staples. In my work I do use each; although not at all times on the identical piece of furnishings.

Staples are actually not all that trendy. The primary patent for a stapler was granted on August 7, 1866 for a tool known as the Novelty Paper Fastner. This gadget allowed a single staple to be loaded and it was used primarily to bind papers or books, however was additionally used on carpet, furnishings and bins. Nevertheless, the earliest report of staples is from France within the 18th century. They had been developed for the usage of King Louis XIV of France and every staple bore his title!

Staples weren’t initially created particularly to be used in upholstery, however the upholstery commerce has a convention of ‘borrowing’ supplies from different trades. For instance Calico, which is a bleached fabric used incessantly in upholstery. Initially this was a material dropped at the UK from Calicut, India by the East India Buying and selling Firm to be used within the clothes commerce. In a short time upholsterers noticed the advantage of this fabric to their commerce and so Calico turned a elementary a part of upholstery.

In sensible phrases usually a long-nosed staple gun will efficiently place a staple in a really tight space the place a tack and hammer simply will not work. Just lately I used to be requested to re-upholster a Victorian chair whose tacking rail was in such poor situation that the one reply was to make use of staples or else have the tacking rail rebuilt.

One downside of staples is that they are typically a nuisance to take away when stripping off a bit of furnishings. They usually snap leaving a small piece of staple left within the furnishings. This although might be hammered flat which is able to trigger no sick impact. Often the staples might be eliminated by hand with a staple remover and a pair of pliers. That is helpful to the body since there isn’t a banging as there’s when utilizing a ripping chisel and mallet to take away previous tacks. If you’re cautious in regards to the placement of the staples then is feasible to take away them with out inflicting any injury to the present wooden.

Tacks nonetheless have a really worthwhile place within the upholstery commerce. I feel that it’s proper to attempt to use tacks on very previous and / important items of furnishings.

Chinese Medicine Attacked – Canadian Bill C 51 Could Make Chinese Medicine Criminal

Chinese Medicine, used by the majority of Chinese and Oriental Canadians, could become a banned or controlled substance IF Bill C 51 is not STOPPED. Currently drugs like heroin or cocaine are banned and have serious fines and prison sentences associated with their use or distribution.

This summer of 2008, the groups and allies will be protesting C 51.

Get involved and let your voice be heard. Canadians want Free Access to their choice of Health Products. (Click on the below link to find out what is happening in Canada this summer)

C 51 could and probably would result in many Chinese Medicine products easily found in stores in Canada, to become against the law to distribute, due to future decisions that Health Canada officers could later arbitrarily impose with C 51 as law.  Canada Drugs

C 51 will force many Chinese medicines, nutrients, vitamins and health supplements to be banned from Canada because of regulations made by C 51 that would be impossible to pass. C 51 also permits other countries with trade to Canada, to ban medicines and nutrients from sale in Canada through the Codex Alimentarius. (see link at end for articles and Video on the International Trade Commission of Codex Alimentarius)

I work in the natural health information field and have been using Natural Health Products (NHP) for 30 years. I almost never get sick and I always feel great. These are the benefits of inexpensive NHP to Canadians before C 51.

Chinese medicine is now available to people at low prices and can be purchased by any Canadian. C 51 will prevent Chinese people to buy many natural medicines, herbs and nutrients. C 51 will also make my favorite vitamins, minerals and super foods very expensive and not accessible to me. C 51 endangers my personal health.

I have many Chinese Canadian friends who use Chinese medicine. I use Chinese medicine to improve my health, the few times I wasn’t feeling well.

C 51 Will Reduce Chinese Canadians Access To NHP

C 51 has the goal of putting Chinese medicine out of the reach of Chinese Canadians. C 51 will result in banning the sale and distribution of many Chinese medicines and NHP.

C 51 proposes to put ALL Natural Health Products, Chinese Medicine, healing devices through required expensive tests and authorizations which are not accessible to Canadians. The access is either through foreign countries, or by very expensive testing.

Who Benefit$ By Passing C 51?

The only individuals who stand to financially gain are those who want more people sick, using drugs, dieing or dead. That means anti-social individuals and groups may think they profit when more people start dieing. Pharmaceutical drug pushers lead by psychiatrists pushing made-up psychiatric disorders could financially gain by C 51.

The cost of NHP and Chinese Medicine could skyrocket with C 51. (See the article in Vitality Magazine website on link at end of article).

One of the consequences of C 51 that would operate under the trade conditions of Codex Alimentarius is the banning of food into countries. It’s interesting that only yesterday thousands of pounds of high density nutritional biscuits were banned from entering Myanmar (Burma) as a relief effort to prevent survivors from starving to death. (Watch full video on link at end of article)


Bryozoan Bugula Neritina – An Excellent Host As a Candidate Against Cancer and Other Illnesses

Bryostatin cancer drugs are currently undergoing Phase L and Phase II cancer trials according to the U. S. National Institute of Health Clinical Trials program. Brysostatin-1 is a naturally occurring class of chemical compound that is toxic to cells (cytotoxic). Bryostatin cancer drugs are produced by the bacterium Candidatus endobugula sertula and are found in the marine bryozoan Bugula neritina. The rod-like bacterium C. endobugula sertula produces the chemical bryostatin during the larval stage of the bryozoan’s development. The young larvae bryozoans are coated with this compound allowing the young larvae to be distasteful and unpalatable to predators.   Article about cell signalling

Bryozoan Bugula neritina is a tiny aquatic animal less than 1 mm in length that forms colonies similar to coral and sponges. Bryozoan colonies can be of various plant-like types similar to moss, branch or tree style, to gelatinous masses. Bryozoans are water filter-feeders. There are over 5,000 species of bryozoans in the world with only about 50 freshwater species. The more notable 130 species of bryozoans tend to be a nuisance animal fouling ship hulls, moorings, piers, and docks. Some freshwater species form large jelly-like masses that tend to clog industrial water intakes. The bryozoan’s Bugula neritina are found in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California, in the Gulf of Mexico, and in the Gulf of Aomori in Japan.

The best source of the cytotoxic chemical bryostatin I was found in host bryozoans Bugula neritina in 1968. Bryostatin was found to contain potent anti-leukemic activity. It has shown promise against lung cancer, prostate cancer, Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and possibly pancreatic cancer. Bryostatin cancer drugs act synergistically with other cancer drugs and are potent activators of Protein Kinase C.
Currently, over 20 types of bryostatins have been identified from the bryozoan Bugula neritina host. It currently takes about 14 tons of the bryozoan Bugula neritina to produce 1 ounce of bryostatin. To synthesize bryostatin, chemical formula C47H68O17 with a molecular weight of 905.033, it takes over 50 steps in the laboratory.

The effective mechanism of bryostatin is its unique ability to activate the cell-signaling enzyme Protein Kinase C (PKC) resulting in the inhibition of tumor cell growth and causing tumor cell death. PKC is an enzyme that is important for controlling biochemical reactions in the cell. Bryostatin cancer drugs have been associated with initiating immune response, regulating cell growth activity, and in learning and memory. Cancerous cells undergo rapid growth and need a controlled growth to keep the cells from causing damage to the body.

Since it is a promoter of PKC, bryostatin is being looked into assisting in memory enhancement and in particular to combat Alzheimer’s disease. Bryostatin has shown to increase rates of learning in rats. There are currently about 40 Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trials ongoing for the use of bryostatin cancer drugs for numerous cancers and in Alzheimer’s patients. The clinical trials thus far have been for cancers such as: kidney, stomach, breast, prostate, lung, esophageal, head and neck, ovarian, fallopian tube, cervical, multiple myeloma, and leukemia to name a few.


Discovering Dubai

Dubai is a fascinating city offering a blend of old and new. It has taken less than a century for this once small fishing village to become a modern exciting city and popular holiday destination. Whether you are looking for travel deals for a relaxing break in the sun or an exciting shopping trip, Dubai has it all. The following are just a few of the many things you can do whilst visiting Dubai.  desert safari deals

Hot Air Balloon Ride
Take an early morning hot-air balloon ride across the desert. The view from the sky is amazing as you glide above camels and gazelles who wander freely below you, beautiful green oases and giant red sand dunes. The breathtaking views offer amazing opportunities to catch the beauty of the desert in pictures.

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Seaplane Ride
Take a bird’s eye view of Dubai’s landmarks on a seaplane flight of the city. Take photos and marvel at such iconic landmarks as Dubai Creek, Port Rashid, Dubai Marina, the largest man-made islands The World and The Palm, Burj Al Arab Hotel Jurmeirah, Burj Dubai and the Jebel Ali.

4×4 Desert Safari
Explore the Arabian Desert during the day before relaxing beneath the stars over dinner. Travelling across the desert in a 4×4 gives you the opportunity to take amazing photographs of the surroundings and the beautiful desert sunset, maybe stopping off at a camel farm and even experiencing sandboarding.

4×4 Safari to Hatta
A safari to Hatta allows you to experience a variety of terrain including rocky mountain passes and amazing desert scenery. Dating back to the 16th century, the village of Hatta lies on the banks of the Hatta Wadi (dry river beds). Depending on when you take your last minute holidays to Dubai and the rainfall, you may be able to take a refreshing dip in the beautiful water pools of Hatta.

East Coast Coach Trip
Take a coach trip along Dubai’s east coast, through the Al Dhaid oasis which is renowned for its fruit and vegetable plantations to Masafi, the Hajar mountains, the small port at Dibba, numerous fishing villages where you can enjoy a relaxing swim in the Indian Ocean, Al Badiyah where you will find the oldest mosque in the Emirates, Fujairah with it’s renovated fort, the old citadel of Bitnah and not forgetting Masa where you can enjoy looking around the market.

Sightseeing Tour of Al Ain
Take a trip to the beautiful Garden City of Al Ain. Located in the Hajar Mountains your trip should include a visit to the museum and the recently renovated Old Palace of H.H.Sheikh Zayed who was the late ruler of Abu Dhabi and the late President of the United Arab Emirates, the Hili Gardens which are famous for archaeological excavations from 300BC and the largest camel market in the UAE where you can watch dealers from all over the Gulf buying and selling racing camels.

Hop-on, Hop-off Tour
This is a great way to see all of Dubai’s popular sights at your leisure. All you have to do is buy a ticket which allows you unlimited travel on the open-top double decker buses which travel around the city.


World Cup Semi-Final Preview – Holland Vs Uruguay

Cape City’s Inexperienced Level Stadium will host the primary semi-final of the FIFA World Cup 2010 on Tuesday between Holland and Uruguay.

South American groups have dominated a lot of this World Cup, and never many would have dared predict the presence of three European groups within the semi-finals. A Holland versus Uruguay affair would have been thought-about much more unlikely.

Holland final entered a World Cup semi-final in 1998, a drawn match in opposition to Brazil that led to a penalty shoot out that noticed the Brazilians prevail.

Holland have been inconsistent performers within the final decade, failing to qualify for the 2002 finals, and never dwelling as much as expectations within the 2006 World Cup after a superb qualification marketing campaign. However in South Africa, expectations from Holland are sky excessive after their dismissal of Brazil, and the prospect of assembly a comparatively weaker staff, Uruguay, within the semi-final.

However anybody ruling out Uruguay would achieve this at his peril. Breezing by means of group A, Uruguay prevailed over South Korea in a tough fought spherical of 16 match, to qualify for a semi-final in opposition to the one surviving African staff, Ghana.

Ghana have been up by a aim, minutes earlier than half-time, because of Sulley Muntari’s long-range shot. (By the way, Muntari was fortunate to be within the staff after his spat with coach Rajevac, through the group matches.) Diego Forlan’s free-kick within the 55th minute made it 1-1. There was no change within the scoresheet after 90 minutes of regulation time.

Additional time appeared headed for a stale mate when Suarez whose twin strikes within the South Korea recreation helped convey Uruguay to the semi-final took a web page out of the Theirry Henri handball primer. Suarez’s deliberate dealing with on the goal-line to push back a Aim-bound header from Vorsah entered him a crimson card. However the consequent penalty missed by a Gyan shot that hit the cross-bar established Suarez’s deliberate infringement as Uruguay’s path to the semi-final.

Uruguay received the tie-breaking penalty shoot out, 4-2, with two saves by keeper Muslera, cementing Uruguay’s first semi-final spot since 1970.

Suarez has grow to be a hero within the eyes of the Uruguayan media, as has Sebastian Abreu, who scored the successful penalty with a chip shot, Coach Oscar Tabarez will miss the suspended Suarez in addition to the injured Nicholas Lodeiro. Skipper Diego Lugano might additionally miss out owing to a knee sprain. Diego Godin might get the chance to hitch the Uruguayan defence, within the semi-final. Holland are their first high quality opposition at this World Cup, and Uruguay’s depleted beginning eleven is more likely to harm them.

Brazil and Argentina caught the media’s consideration within the group levels of what appeared headed to grow to be a South American dominated World Cup.

In the meantime, Holland floor out wins in tactical battles fought of their three group matches. Their spherical of 16  match in opposition to Slovakia did not trigger the Dutch a lot hassle, as they arrange a showdown with Brazil, within the quarter remaining, with a 2-1 victory.

Even earlier than the Brazil match started, Holland suffered a setback after they misplaced Joris Mathijsen to damage, in a heat up. This introduced Andre Ooijer to accomplice John Heitinga within the back-line. Ten minutes into the sport, the dearth of coordination between the 2 defenders was all too evident and Robinho put Brazil one up. Brazil went into half-time main 1-0, and the query on everybody’s thoughts was, by what number of objectives would the South Individuals win?

Eight minutes into the second half, the sport was stood on its head. A free kick to Holland was adopted up by a proper cross from Sneijder. Brazil keeper Julio Cesar tried to punch the ball clear, and within the course of, collided with Felipe Melo. The ball ricocheted off Melo’s head into the online to provide Holland an equalizer served on a platter.

Brazil’s composure remained and there was nothing to recommend Holland’s ascendancy, at the same time as Kaka got here near scoring his staff’s second aim off a poor clearance by Ooijer.

However the Dutch had smelt the vulnerability on the coronary heart of the Brazil defence, and in a 68th minute goal-mouth melee, following a nook taken by Robben, Kuyt flicked a excessive go for Sneijder to go in. Holland have been up, 2-1, and there the rating remained, when the ultimate whistle blew Brazil out of the World Cup. The Brazil aim survived a few shut calls, with Holland  remaining dominant; Melo’s sending off for an assault on Robben did nothing to assist the Brazilian trigger.

Holland have achieved what they’ve, with out the massive identify gamers that populate groups like Brazil, Argentina, England, and Spain. Holland owe a lot credit score to Arjen Robben’s return from damage and Sneijder’s late resurgence.

Diego Forlan is the important thing participant for Uruguay, having scored three of his aspect’s 7 objectives at this World Cup.  He has the inventive vigour wanted to mount a problem in a match as massive because the upcoming semi-final.

For Holland, Wesley Sneijder has allround power, whether or not in his passing, or tackles, or creativity, or aim scoring, and has arguably been the simplest midfielder at this World Cup.

Find more about FIFA world cup 2018 here.