Chinese Medicine Attacked – Canadian Bill C 51 Could Make Chinese Medicine Criminal

Chinese Medicine, used by the majority of Chinese and Oriental Canadians, could become a banned or controlled substance IF Bill C 51 is not STOPPED. Currently drugs like heroin or cocaine are banned and have serious fines and prison sentences associated with their use or distribution.

This summer of 2008, the groups and allies will be protesting C 51.

Get involved and let your voice be heard. Canadians want Free Access to their choice of Health Products. (Click on the below link to find out what is happening in Canada this summer)

C 51 could and probably would result in many Chinese Medicine products easily found in stores in Canada, to become against the law to distribute, due to future decisions that Health Canada officers could later arbitrarily impose with C 51 as law.  Canada Drugs

C 51 will force many Chinese medicines, nutrients, vitamins and health supplements to be banned from Canada because of regulations made by C 51 that would be impossible to pass. C 51 also permits other countries with trade to Canada, to ban medicines and nutrients from sale in Canada through the Codex Alimentarius. (see link at end for articles and Video on the International Trade Commission of Codex Alimentarius)

I work in the natural health information field and have been using Natural Health Products (NHP) for 30 years. I almost never get sick and I always feel great. These are the benefits of inexpensive NHP to Canadians before C 51.

Chinese medicine is now available to people at low prices and can be purchased by any Canadian. C 51 will prevent Chinese people to buy many natural medicines, herbs and nutrients. C 51 will also make my favorite vitamins, minerals and super foods very expensive and not accessible to me. C 51 endangers my personal health.

I have many Chinese Canadian friends who use Chinese medicine. I use Chinese medicine to improve my health, the few times I wasn’t feeling well.

C 51 Will Reduce Chinese Canadians Access To NHP

C 51 has the goal of putting Chinese medicine out of the reach of Chinese Canadians. C 51 will result in banning the sale and distribution of many Chinese medicines and NHP.

C 51 proposes to put ALL Natural Health Products, Chinese Medicine, healing devices through required expensive tests and authorizations which are not accessible to Canadians. The access is either through foreign countries, or by very expensive testing.

Who Benefit$ By Passing C 51?

The only individuals who stand to financially gain are those who want more people sick, using drugs, dieing or dead. That means anti-social individuals and groups may think they profit when more people start dieing. Pharmaceutical drug pushers lead by psychiatrists pushing made-up psychiatric disorders could financially gain by C 51.

The cost of NHP and Chinese Medicine could skyrocket with C 51. (See the article in Vitality Magazine website on link at end of article).

One of the consequences of C 51 that would operate under the trade conditions of Codex Alimentarius is the banning of food into countries. It’s interesting that only yesterday thousands of pounds of high density nutritional biscuits were banned from entering Myanmar (Burma) as a relief effort to prevent survivors from starving to death. (Watch full video on link at end of article)